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Practicing to Perform

Our spring recital is in just a few days, so in our last piano lessons of the school year we are preparing for the performance. Hopefully at this point my students will have their pieces pretty well polished, so I am planning to spend the bulk of the lesson time reviewing how to give a confident and professional presentation.

Natalie from Music Matters shared 6 helpful Performance Signs. I printed off the signs and stuck them in sheet protectors. During the lesson we will put them in order and discuss each point, and then practice it. Here is a breakdown of each point:

Approach to Piano
1. Smile
2. Walk at a steady pace
3. Walk with good posture
4. Keep your chin up!

Arrival at the Piano
1. Enter on the left side of the bench
2. Adjust the bench

1. Wait a moment/gather thoughts before beginning
2. Remain focused while playing
3. Ignore any mistakes and continue playing

1. Finish gracefully
2. Linger a moment after the last measure
3. Exit on the right side of the bench
4. Smile

1. Smile
2. Bend at the waist
3. Keep arms hanging loosely at side

Return to Seat
1. Smile
2. Walk at a steady pace
3. Walk with good posture
4. Keep your chin up!

Thanks to Natalie for sharing such a great teaching resource!

If we have time, we will also do the Performing at the Piano Worksheet from Joy at Color in my Piano.


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Yuja Wang: Flight of the Bumblebee


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Jon Schmidt: Michael Meets Mozart

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Welcome to piano fundamentals

Hi, my name is Kristi, and I am a pianist and piano teacher. I have been playing the piano for all of my life, although now that I am the mother of three children I usually have a child on my lap whenever I sit down to play!

As a teenager I followed the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum (in Canada) and received high marks in my piano and theory examinations.

I have been teaching piano lessons since 2008. I enjoy meeting weekly with my students and helping them to develop a love and appreciation of music through firsthand experience at the piano.

This blog is primarily designed as a place for me to organize and keep track of all the fabulous resources available online for pianists and piano teachers. You will find links to free sheet music, great performances, musical quotations, and games for making learning fun. My piano students will find links for their online music challenges and important studio information.

I hope you will visit often as I seek to put the “fun” in piano fundamentals!