Thinking about the schedule

We have passed the midway point of the summer break (and I’m not sure how I feel about that!). While we are still spending a good portion of our weeks at the pool, eating popsicles, and reading good books, I have also been thinking about our fall schedule.

As you think about your own schedule for your family (and consider how many extracurricular activities to enroll your children in), I would recommend reading Laura’s article on Time Management. She walks the reader through  an exercise in visualizing the 24hr days in a week, getting serious about making sure the right priorities are making it on to the calendar. As you think about the commitment involved in piano lessons, remember that learning to play the piano doesn’t happen once a week. For your child to be successful and to find joy and satisfaction in their piano endeavors, daily practice time (approximately 30 minutes, depending on age and level) is essential!

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