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Web Challenge #12: Thanksgiving Worksheets

Complete one of the following worksheets to earn a bead. You may do as many worksheets as you like, and earn one bead for each worksheet.

Funny Thanksgiving Food

Color Mr. Turkey

Turkey Find the Notes

Turkey Egg Worksheet

Bring the completed worksheet(s) with you to your next lesson.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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October Challenge Results

The highlight of October was definitely the group lesson. Everyone had a chance to perform, and everyone did a great job. We played some fun Halloween/pumpkin themed games, and even enjoyed some treats. Thanks to everyone for participating.

I have decided not to post everyone’s individual challenge results here. It is just a bit too time consuming. But I have updated the theory master page so you can see which worksheets have been completed.

And now we are well into November. We are busy with Christmas music and working towards the recital on December 21st. I love all of the Christmas music! Keep up the good work, strive for 5 days of practicing each week, and be sure to record it in your notebook.



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