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February Flashcard Challenge

January was a great month! I had a number of students who progressed to the next level this month, and everyone has been working hard in the new year. Keep up the practicing and great work!

This month I am issuing a special challenge to all of my students. It is time for the February Flashcard challenge! The goal is to have each student pass off one level of flashcards. Students who successfully pass off their level will be invited to celebrate by attending an ice cream party on Friday, March 2nd.

You can view more information about the flashcard level here. You can see that each level (except for level 1) has a tentative time limit. During our lesson this week I will give a pre-test to each student to see where they currently stand. Students who practice and study their cards and show measurable improvement will be able to attend the ice cream party.

Please encourage your children to practice their flashcards!


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