Mastering the Fundamentals

This year you will have the opportunity to become a “Master of the Piano Fundamentals”. You can earn your Master status by completing the following weekly challenges. For each challenge that you successfully complete you will receive a sticker to add to your collection. Click on the links below for more information about each challenge.

Practice Master: practice 5 days a week and complete all written assignments

Scale Master: complete weekly scale challenge

Rhythm Master: complete weekly rhythm challenge

Diligent Student Master: work hard and have a good attitude during your weekly lesson

Super Master Challenges

In addition to your weekly challenges, you have the option to accept the following additional challenges. These challenges are optional, but they will help you build essential skills on your quest to become a Master of the Fundamentals. You may complete as many as you like. For each Super Master Challenge that you complete you will receive a colored bead to add to your chain. Click on the challenge title below to download the necessary information to complete the challenge.

Online Music Game Master: spend at least 10 minutes playing an online music game.

Flashcard Master: play and name correctly your level of flashcards in one minute or less.

Memory Master: memorize a complete song.

Performance Master: give a formal performance (recitals, talent shows, or accompanying others). Playing for Grandma doesn’t count!

Theory Master: successfully complete a theory worksheet or review test.

Great Composer Master: learn about a great composer, and then complete a report or special project to share with others. Be creative!

Music Appreciation Master: attend a musical performance or view a performance on YouTube and complete a report sheet.

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