Rhythm Master Challenge

To complete your assigned rhythm challenge, visit Compose Create and download and print the assigned worksheet. Worksheets should be completed in the following order. For each worksheet you complete you will earn a sticker on your recognition sheet.

For each worksheet

1) Write in the counts (1a 2a 3a 4a…)

2) Tap and count out loud

3) Set the metronome at the suggested tempo and practice with the metronome

Click here to access the worksheet list.

Level A Rhythms

Level 1 Rhythms

Triple Time 1

Triple Time 2

Level 2 Rhythms

Triple Time 3

Eighth Notes 1

Eighth Notes 2

Eighth Notes 3

Triple Time 4

Eighth Notes 4

Eighth Notes 5

Level 3 Rhythms

Triple Time 5

Eighth Notes 6

Triple Time 6

Level 4 Rhythms

Six Eight Timing Level 1

Dotted Quarter Notes

Dotted Quarter Notes-LH steady


Level 5 Rhythms

Triplets and Eighths

The following Rhythm Challenge Sets can be found at Pianimation

Eighth Note Rhythm Challenge Set #1

Eighth Note Rhythm Challenge Set #2

Compound Meter Rhythm Challenge

Triplet Rhythm Challenge





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