Lesson Information (Tanner Piano Studio Policy)

Last updated 8/07/2014

I would like to express how excited I am to have the opportunity to teach your child piano. Studying music can be enjoyable and rewarding as well as becoming a skill that can last a lifetime, but it takes commitment from the parents as well as the teacher and student. This document outlines my teaching policies and ideas that I have to help your child be successful as they learn to play the piano. Please read and review it with your child.

Student Registration
I am currently accepting students for the 2014-2015 school year. Lessons for the year will begin the week of August 25th. To reserve a lesson spot for the upcoming year, the first months tuition will be due at time of registration.

Studio Fees and Attendance Policy

• Piano lessons are held once a week for 30 minutes. The fee for each lesson is $18.
• Payment is due monthly on the first lesson of the month. Since the number of lessons varies slightly each month due to school holidays, at the beginning of each month I will send an email invoice indicating the number of lessons planned for that month, and the total bill due.
• If I cancel a lesson for any reason, you will not be charged for that lesson. If you have already paid for that lesson, you will be given a credit for the following month.
• If you need to cancel a lesson (due to vacations, etc), please notify me at the beginning of the month. You will not be charged for these missed weeks of instruction.
• If you need to cancel a lesson due to sickness or any other reason, please notify me as soon as possible. I am unable to offer makeup lessons at this time.

Methods of Payment

You may pay by check, or you can pay online using PayPal. Contact me for specific account information. Be sure to indicate that the transaction is PERSONAL, otherwise I will be charged a fee. In either case, payment is due on the first lesson of the month.

Each student will need to bring the following to every lesson

  • All lesson books
  • Spiral notebook (for recording weekly practice assignments)
  • Twin pocket folder (for storing worksheets and sheet music)

Students are recommended to use a tote bag to carry books to and from lessons. I will generally purchase needed music books for the student and will then ask to be reimbursed with the next monthly tuition payment.

Beginning in Level 1, all students will need a quality metronome. They range in price usually from $20-$65. There are also metronome apps for iPhones or related devices as well as Android devices. These are free or quite inexpensive. If your practice instrument is a keyboard it is likely that it includes a built-in metronome, and you do not need to purchase another.

Student Responsibilities
• Complete daily practice and accurately record it in practice log.
• Be prepared for lesson (with all books and completed assignments).
• Keep fingernails trimmed short (should not extend past the end of the finger) to ensure proper hand position and good technique.
• Have a good attitude!

Practice Expectations
Students who establish good practice habits from the beginning will progress more rapidly and find piano practice and lessons more enjoyable. The amount of time required for good quality practice will vary depending on the student’s age and playing level, but consistent daily practice is the key to long-term success. Specific practice assignments are given each week.

Parental Involvement
While most students are initially excited to begin piano lessons, please be aware that they will face challenges and sometimes frustrations. As initial enthusiasm is replaced by awareness of the discipline and commitment required to attain excellence, your encouragement and praise will be essential to your child’s success.

You can assist in the success of your child in the following ways:
• Set a regular practice time at least 5 days a week and remind your child to practice.
• Supervise home practice sessions and sign practice logs, making sure your child completes all assignments.
• Keep the piano in good working order and in tune.
• Provide a practice environment free from distractions.
• Listen to your child play. Keep your comments positive and encouraging.
• Contact me when you have any questions or concerns.

Teacher Responsibilities
• Provide high quality, well prepared lessons and a positive learning environment
• Encourage and motivate students to practice
• Demonstrate a love of music
• Respect students’ opinions and value their creativity
• Encourage communication between student/parent and teacher, answer any questions, help to solve problems

I plan to use a variety of methods to motivate and reward good work. Some ideas include: stickers; bead chains; small prizes like silly bandz or bubbles; and food treats. Please notify me if your child has any allergies or dietary concerns.

Having the opportunity to perform is an essential learning experience for any music student. This year I intend to host two formal recitals: a Christmas themed event in December, and a spring recital at the end of the school year. Parents, family members and friends are invited to attend and beam on the performance of their pianists.

Additionally, I encourage students to find other performance opportunities in talent shows, at church, competitions, etc. I would be thrilled to be invited to watch you perform.

Piano Studio Blog

My piano blog is located at www.pianofundamentals.wordpress.com.  There you will find links to online music training games, links to composer information, and a few videos of great piano performances. Periodically I will post extra worksheets and activities there, as well as recognition of great students achievements.

Final Note
Please feel free to communicate openly with me if you ever have any questions, concerns or comments.

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